All God's Creatures Mobile Veterinary Services, Inc.
Dr. Jodi Lynn Smith

Compassionate, Curbside Veterinary Service at your home!!!

Why mobile house calls?

Our mobile veterinary service offers you a convenient, high quality, and competitively priced way to get excellent health care for all of the pets in your home.

Mobile visits are more convenient and less time consuming for you. A house call averages 45 minutes, whereas a trip to a clinic can take an average of 1 ½-2 hours or more!  You will also receive one on one, personalized attention and time with your veterinarian. 

Having us visit your home eliminates transportation stress and waiting room anxiety experienced by pets on a trip to the vet’s office; they'll be happier and MUCH more comfortable.  A veterinary house call is also the ideal way to have multiple pets receive their veterinary care without the physical and emotional hassle of having to make multiple trips to a clinic.  For exotic pets, like reptiles and birds, it’s vital to not remove them from their natural environment, and this gives your veterinarian a good opportunity to assess your husbandry and homecare environment.    An examination of your pet in its home environment makes for a BETTER examination, because it is overall less stressful.  Your pet's behavior and vital signs will not be influenced by environment, and so are more likely to be accurate during his/her examination.

Ultimately, mobile veterinary care makes YOUR life less chaotic!!  A house call minimizes disruption of your own busy schedule and eliminates the stresses you experience while transporting a pet in your vehicle, driving in busy traffic, and then dealing with a sometimes intimidating clinical experience.

Last summer, we announced that we had just purchased our Luxar Surgical Laser so that Dr. Smith could continue her mission to provide the highest quality surgical options for all of your pet's needs.  Laser Surgery for routine procedures (spays, neuters, declaws). and non-elective procedures, such as entropion, tumor/wart removals, anal gland resections, stenotic nares & elongated palate resections on Pugs, Persians,Bulldogs, Boxers, etc. are just some of the surgeries that can be done with LESS PAIN, LESS BLEEDING, and LESS post op INFLAMMATION!!
THIS summer,  we are extremely excited to offer IN HOUSE LABWORK processing for chemistries, CBC's, Thyroid panels, and Clotting Factor tests.  These tests can be done in less than 30 minutes and only require a small sampling of blood from your pet.  In addition, our IN HOUSE lab diagnostics will cost almost 20% less than what we have to charge to send it away for analysis at an outside lab!  
In the month of March we added a top of the line heated surgery table to help support your pet's body temperature during surgery and help improve recovery times significantly.  In addition, we also added Burton Cool Spot Surgical lights to our surgical suite to insure that we are providing the best surgical tools available for Dr. Smith to utilize while she is performing elective and sometimes not so elective surgery on your four legged friend! All pets are monitored with a heart rate monitor and pulse oximetry machine during their anesthetic procedure.

Some of our basic pricing on other services are listed below~~(
call for more pricing):
Surgery: Feline neuter $68 (includes complimentary Laser Surgery Technique), Feline Spay $68 ($80 with 1 year Rabies), Declaw front paws only(disarticulation technique ONLY, with humanely MANDATORY laser disarticulation technique)--$165, K9 neuter up to 20 lbs $90, K9 Spay up to 20 lbs $99.50. Dewclaw removal/limb $68.50 + anesthesia, Aural Hematoma Repair $95/ear + anesthesia. Gastropexy for deep chested dogs ( Danes, Dobies, etc) is only $175-$375 additional (weight dependent) added to a routine neuter or spay....this surgery alone can be $1500 + at many clinics in the Central Ohio Area.  We do very affordable surgeries that are considered emergencies
(Amputations, Laceration Repair, Stenotic Nares, Pyometra, C-Sections, et al), and are typically quite pricey at other facilities, because we know that what really matters is that your pet has a quality of life and gets to come home to you!!!

First Pet Exam $37, Additional Pet same visit is just $27, Recheck within 30 days is only $27, Trip Fee $45 up to 50 miles, over 50 miles is $65 time & weather permitting.  We do travel to Franklin, Hocking, and Perry County at a higher rate.  HOUSECALLS are limited on a SHORT TERM basis.... you must book weeks to months in advance for ROUTINE housecalls. Priority is given to in home euthanasia's and owners with physical disabilities.  We have limited hours available for housecalls each week, so if you think that's what you might want/need, call SOONER than later to set this up! 
Vaccines: Bordatella $16, DAPP  $18(pup), Canine Influenza Vax $22,  $22 Annual DAPP Adult  & $24 for 3 year DAPP ( eligible after 5 years of age), Lepto $12, 1 year Rabies $16, 3 year Rabies $24.
Testing: Fecal screen $23, Giardia Snap Test $25, Ringworm Fungassay $26, Heartworm snap test $33, Feline Leukemia Test $29, FELV + FIV testing $40, Full k9 labwork $99mini/$130 full(CBC/CHEM), Feline Total Health Labwork (Cbc, Chem, UA, and Thyroid) $130, Dermatophyte/Ringworm testing $26, Skin Scrapes $22.
Dentistry: Basic Ultrasonic Dental Cleanings with fluoride treatment & polishing under isoflurane anesthesia are $109-$169 up to 120 lbs, ( additional cost for extractions based on level of difficulty, NOT per tooth, so this helps keep prices LOW!)
Microchip:  Google Technology, SaveThisLife microchips with lifetime registration and $1,000 of accident/injury insurance, just $33/pet registered!!!  We strive to offer affordable veterinary care without sacrificing the quality of care.  All pets will receive a full presurgical exam($37) prior to anesthesia to detect any problem that may need to be addressed at time of surgery or that may make us defer surgery until a better time. We are currently taking new patients and there is NOT a long waiting list to get your pet spayed or neutered, please call 740-654-3111 and leave a message,(if we do not answer),and schedule today or discuss options with Sarah or Aurena, my assistants. We carry a HUGE inventory of flea/tick/heart-worm products and prescription medications SHIPPED straight to your doorstep from our PRIVATE, ONLINE pharmacy! We carry Trifexis, , Revolution, Iverhart Max, Interceptor Plus, and Capstar, but can order just about any product you are interested in.  Our prices are BETTER than anything else you will find on line, so please call us for more information!!  We are OPEN for surgery and scheduled appointments on one else in Fairfield County offers this service without charging an EMERGENCY fee to be seen.  ***We are in and out of the office all week long...PLEASE, don't stop by without calling first, because we may be out on a housecall!!***
Mon~Thursday 9 am - 4 pm, Fridays 9:30 am - 1 pm, CLOSED SATURDAY,  Sundays 1-4pm. WE ARE CLOSED THE FIRST SUNDAY of EVERY MONTH, because we like to relax and have fun with our family, too :) 
Essential Oils:  We are now distributors for DoTerra Essential Oils and are using them to treat a variety of behavioral and medical conditions in ourselves and our pet dogs, horses, and aromatically only in cats.  Serenity, In Tune, Clary Calm, AromaTouch, and Deep Blue blends are my daily salves for my body and soul...ask me about them when you visit!! 
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